Life Insurance

Life Insurance

If you have an older life insurance policy, it may be a good time to get it reviewed. People are living longer thus you may be able to use cash values to reduce your payments or stop them altogether.  You may also have a substantial cash value that you never knew about. If you have an older life insurance policy that would like to get reviewed, call Wayne Messmer & Associates at 888-265-7443.

If you do NOT have life insurance, you may be asking if you need it. Life insurance does not need to be a part of everyone’s estate plan but it can be useful.  Is your family protected in case of an early death? Life insurance can help replace lost income, eliminate debt, pay for college, or can leave an inheritance to your favorite charity.

There are several types of life insurance policies that are available today. They include:

  1. Term Life Insurance – a simple type of insurance that will run for a pre-determined period of time and will pay out a pre-determined figure should the policy owner pass away. These are generally inexpensive policies taken out to protect families usually to cover a mortgage or the family’s living costs.
  2. Permanent Life Insurance – a type of insurance that does carry a pre-determined expiration. They combine a death benefit with a savings portion. The savings element can be used as a way for the policy holder to borrow or take income in the way of regular withdrawals. The two most popular permanent life insurances are Universal Life Insurance and Whole Life Insurance.

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