Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Top 5 Reasons You Should Work With a Financial Advisor in Chicago

pen and stock chart


You don’t know what you don’t know.

No one can be an expert on every subject. It doesn’t mean you aren’t capable of implementing a comprehensive investment plan to fund your retirement but only that you shouldn’t underestimate the experience needed to put together an effective plan.


You have good intentions, but you never set aside the time.

You can paint your house but it will often get done faster and more efficiently if you pay someone to do it for you, right? Furthermore, working with a financial advisor forces you to stop procrastinating, and shift the time commitment from you to the advisor.


You’re not objective.

It’s hard to look at your own situation objectively. Having someone else with experience analyze your financial condition can be extremely helpful.


Keeping up with change is a full-time job.

There is little doubt that the financial landscape has changed dramatically in the last year, two years, or ten years. Not understanding how these changes might affect your financial plan could be dangerous, but understanding the changes takes time and effort.


You see the trees, but not the forest.

A good financial advisor can help you see the big picture. At Wayne Messmer & Associates, we call this your “Roadmap.” We “map” out your retirement to match your goals and adjust it as we encounter life’s speed bumps along the way. When choosing a financial advisor, one must be very careful to make sure that they truly do find an advisor and not just a sales person. Respectfully, sales people can serve a purpose but unless you are sitting with somebody who has an unbiased opinion and is not selling a limited bill of financial goods, you truly may not be sitting with a definite financial advisor.

Would you rather have Jack Nicklaus’ Golf Clubs or swing? The obvious answer is swing. We believe our financial advisors are not concerned with the products or services at hand (clubs) but are most concerned with the needs and objectives of the people with whom they are working (your swing). Simply put, every product or service we use will do two things. It will serve a purpose and be part of a bigger plan, customized to you and you alone.

If you are interested in speaking with one of our financial advisors located in the Chicago area, please give us a call or send us an email today.