About us

Our Mission

To build trusting relationships with our clients to effectively and efficiently identify, strategize, and achieve their lifetime financial goals.

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We Believe:

  • Our first job is to help you build your “financial roadmap.”
  • You should only do business with people whom you like, trust, and feel are capable and confident in their abilities.
  • It is not our job to tell you how much risk you “should” take with your dollars, but help you realize your current level of risk.
  • There is more to investing than just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.
  • That actual safety is different than perceived safety.
  • In reducing risk.
  • In identifying and reducing hidden and unnecessary fees.
  • In increasing tax efficient cash flow.

What Makes Us Different

Vision to Plan
We admit that we do not have a crystal ball. As an indendent financial firm, Wayne Messmer & Associates enjoys the freedom and flexibility to work with our clients’ individual needs and to identify their unique journey to and in retirement.

Financial Team
Our team approach utilizes proven, successful strategies designed to build, protect, and preserve “rest of your life” assets. We accomplish this objective by potentially reducing risk, reducing or eliminating unnecessary fees, and increasing retirement income.

Constant Monitoring Of The “Roadmap“
With mandatory, detailed annual reviews, we take the journey with our clients as their “financial roadmap” is reviewed and monitored for the benefit of their stated goals.




WMA Services

We believe in providing a simple and straightforward approach to financial planning. We find quality financial tools to help grow our clients’ assets and combine them with world-class personal service.

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Adaptively Managed Portfolio

We believe the world around us are changing too fast for the “buy and hold“ philosophy and take a different approach to managing your retirement dollars.


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Alternative Investments

We believe there is more to investing than the traditional stocks, bond, and mutual funds. We serve as a bridge for our clients to invest along side of institutional investors.


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Principal protection has and will always be the primary goal at Wayne Messmer & Associates. This asset class has helped some of our more risk-averse clients limit the downside returns of the market while still participating in the upside.


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Life Insurance

Life insurance does not need to be a part of everyone’s estate plan but it can be useful. Furthermore, if you have an older policy, it may be a good time to get it reviewed to use the cash values to reduce payments or stop them altogether.