Adaptively Managed Investment Portfolio

Adaptively Managed
Investment Portfolio

At Wayne Messmer and Associates, we believe the days of “buy and hold” are no longer appropriate for most investors and most retirement portfolios.  Simply put, life and the world around us are changing too fast to build a retirement portfolio today and then let it sit inactive or un-managed for an undetermined period of time.  In fact, we will rarely recommend the traditional retail mutual fund approach to anyone anymore.

In today’s changing financial and economic environment, we believe that a portfolio subject to stock and bond market volatility should be rebalanced and reallocated every 90 days.  If every 90 days seems too frequent, just think about all that has happened over the most recent 90 day period.  It can be quite scary, can it not?  We believe that there is enough real and relevant information available every day through a wide variety of media, that adapting a portfolio ever 90 days is not just possible, but essential!

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